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     We have worked with Dave Greer many times over the past year.  He is a man of his word with impeccable honesty and integrity.  He is very skilled and knowledgeable regarding the techniques and materials required to do all of the jobs that we've hired him for.  He has completed each job so carefully and thoroughly as if he was doing the job on his own home.
He is very professional, reliable and has a great attention to detail.

     We met Dave when we were down here from Alaska to design our home.  We were only here for a couple of days, but aftertalking and spending time with Dave we knew we wanted to partner with him to have him do any work we would need forour new home.  He was such an asset to us while the house was being built and we were living 3,500 miles away duringthe entire process.  Some of the things he did to help us were taking detailed photos, notes, and measurements, etc.  Thethings that he did to help us were immeasurable and no words could be used to express our gratitude and appreciation.

     We hired him to install cabinetry and shelving in our laundry room, and storage racks in the garage.  He hung all of thecurtain rods and curtains throughout our entire home.  He managed and received over 150 boxes and deliveries for us at the completion of construction prior to our arrival.  He oversaw the installation of our appliances, built furniture, installedshower rods and helped to complete the installation of the gas fire bowl on our patio.

     My husband Todd and I recommend Dave to everyone we know who is looking for a handyman.  We would like to thank him for a job very well done.  We know that all the work he has done for us so far will stand the test of time.  We will continue to hire Dave each time we have a new project to do or a repair that is needed.


Todd and Laura Larson, Avimor residents (Boise, ID)

Working with Dave is very enjoyable.  His work ethic, attention to detail and truepassion forhelping others, really shines through his work.  I was confident after only onemeeting with himthat he would get the job done, do it right and do it efficiently.  I highly recommendDave to  anyone that needs  a job done right!


Stacy Bahrenfuss,  Real Estate Broker, The Catalyst Group, Eagle, ID

I have known Dave Greer for about 11 years now, both through our church Sunday school and through my career as a Real Estate Broker.  Dave has worked on my personal residence and on rental properties I have managed for other owners.  He is versatile and does many kinds of repairs.  Dave definitely takes pride in his work and not only is it impeccable, but his integrity surpasses most in the work force.  He is efficient, does quality work and I have found his prices to be reasonable.

Kay Archibald Coyle, retired Real Estate Broker, Star, ID

He's one of the best!  Lucky is the person who contracts with Dave!  He is perfection in everything he does.

Judy Watson, Customer, San Diego, CA

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